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About Us

Mission Statement:

“To establish long term personal relationships and create value in your dental hygiene care that earns your respect.”

Direct Access Dental Hygiene:

Direct Access dental hygiene services facilitates a new entry point into the oral health care system.  Dental hygienists are experts in the field of oral disease prevention and management.  As advocates for oral health, we integrate the roles of clinician, educator, manager and researcher in order to prevent oral diseases and to promote total health.  Health promotion, wellness and risk assessment are key components of dental hygienist’s scope of practice.

Direct Access enables hygienists to initiate patient care in a setting outside the private dental office, without a dentist present, and without a dentist having previously examined the patient.  ”The common arc of policies among the 35 states that allow Direct Access care is the acknowledgement that dental hygienists are competent in the application of critical thinking skills to assess, diagnose and plan treatment within the dental hygiene scope of practice without a dentist onsite”- ADHA.   

At High Mountain Hygiene, we work in partnership with local dentists and healthcare providers with the goal of providing preventive and therapeutic oral healthcare to you.  As oral healthcare experts we provide nutritional, educational and preventive dental counseling services in addition to the clinical services of oral healthcare.  

Dental Disease Prevention

Prevention is the first line of defense against oral health problems, as well as many other problems.  Dentists and dental hygienists are the primary care providers for patients of all ages and are responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions and diseases that affect the teeth and gums.  

Regular oral health checks and maintenance will help to prevent the development of serious dental problems that may require more extensive and costly treatments.  Our office recommends seeing a dentist for diagnosis of any necessary dental restorative or dental surgical procedures.  The American Dental Association recommends twice a year examinations by a dentist.   General dentists who do not perform a certain treatment may provide you with a specialist referral.

Marta Butler-Bearzi, RDH

Headshot_Casual_2013Ms. Butler-Bearzi was raised in Oregon.  She attended Portland State University and earned her Associate of Science degree at Mt. Hood Community College in Oregon in 1975.  She was first licensed in Colorado and worked in the Denver metro area for several years before returning to Oregon.  She practiced in general and periodontal dental offices in Oregon and New Mexico before returning to Colorado in 2007.  She has 38 years of continual experience and countless hours of continuing education.  With a desire to spread her wings, provide another access to dental care and offer people an affordable alternative to care, she opened High Mountain Hygiene in the spring of 2013.

She is a member of the American Dental Hygienist’s Association; delegate and member of the Colorado Dental Hygienist’s Association; board member of the Fairplay Chamber of Commerce and a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

Marta enjoys spending time with her husband, her two adult sons, family and outdoor recreational activities.  She balances her professional dental hygiene career by spending time on the ski slopes, cultivating friendships, reading and practicing yoga.

Billing and Payments

We are committed to providing you with quality, cost effective dental hygiene care and do not want financial problems to be the barrier between you and a healthy mouth.  If you have dental insurance (private, Medicaid, CHP+) we are happy to submit your insurance claims for you.  You will be responsible for the full amount on your account if you are not eligible at the time services are rendered.  

As a source of payment, our office accepts:

  • Cash
  • Dental Insurance
  • Visa/MC/AmEx/Discover
  • Debit Cards
  • Medicaid
  • CHP+
  • A Payment Plan is also available

No Show and Cancellation Policy

Not showing for, inconsiderate cancellation of or not being eligible for insured services on the day of your appointment will result in loss of any and all discounts, write-offs and adjustments being offered.  We will be happy to continue providing you with necessary services, however, you will be on a Walk-in availability only.  Walking-in is not a guarantee that you will be seen.  This policy will apply to all family members on your account until all penalty charges and account balances are paid in full.

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